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God is Bigger than My Struggle

I'm almost two decades old. I'm attending college halfway across the country from the place I call home. After a year and a half here, I'm still not entirely sure of my ability to instantaneously make friends with people. Sometimes I think "if only" I had chosen to remain close to home, close to friends, or close to everything I once knew as day-to-day life. I miss the joyful times with friends you can talk to about anything and the fun memories made during all the bus rides, car trips, and visits. Oftentimes, I re-think the decision I made to come to Liberty University. And yet, even through days filled with loneliness and struggles, I know that this is where God has me. 

I don't think I'm the best qualified candidate to be sharing about my life, but I also don't think God would give me a desire to write without giving me a purpose for it. So whatever that purpose is, I am obeying the repeated feeling that I'm supposed to write about my struggles.

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