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Peace or the Lack Thereof

Homeostasis is when an organism is equal, balanced, able to function normally. I like to think of homeostasis as a state of peace within an organism; everything is as it should be. The opposite of homeostasis is imbalance, dysfunction. Something is not as it should be. The opposite of homeostasis is chaos, if I can venture to say that.

Great. What in the world does this have to do with anything? Wow, glad you asked.

Life is like homeostasis. Bear with me as I try to work through this analogy. We as individuals are in our own "organism," made up of relationships, people, school, work, responsibilities, and any other number of things that we are involved in or tied to. We create our own little world, inside the big picture of life that God has given us. Our worlds are each unique, characterized by different likes and dislikes, friends, tasks, talents, responsibilities, strengths, weaknesses, accomplishments, failures, growth opportunities, learning moments, trials, joys, and b…

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