South Dakota's a Waffle, Virginia's Spaghetti.

            Ever since I moved to Virginia, I've noticed that more than a few things here are different from home. Now, not to discredit the exceptions to some of these, here's a list of a few of the unique traits of both. 

                  1. If you like straight roads pretty much directly where you're going, I'd suggest you belong in South Dakota. On the other hand, if you prefer going every which way, and even the opposite way, before getting to your destination, you'd most likely choose Virginia.

                  2. If you want to walk for miles in one direction without having any sort of incline or ascent, you probably should visit South Dakota. If hills are more your thing, and you want those stellar calves, Virginia is hands-down the place to go.

                  3. To put it simply: If you love lots of trees, don't move to South Dakota, unless you're planning on living in the Black Hills, in which case you'll be surrounded by evergreens. If you prefer actually being able to see for more than a couple hundred yards, Virginia is not the place to do that.

                  4. Cows are a prominent fixture on South Dakota's plains. If you hate the smell, live in Virginia. If you think cows are the only thing that comes from South Dakota, you probably should visit there sometime.

                  5. South Dakotans don't shut down for a few inches of snow. Sure, it hinders chores and travel, but when you depend on your animals and/or crops for a living, you'll soon find out that you can't shut everything down because there's a thin layer of snow on everything.

                  6. "Ya'll" is definitely a Virginia thing. I question the validity of South Dakotans who use that phrase.

                  7. Bean boots, Nike hats, and skinny jeans versus cowboy boots, Hooey hats, and Wranglers. I think I've said enough. (Although, the other day I saw a guy wearing a Hooey hat and today I saw a kid wearing Wranglers and cowboy boots and I really really really wanted to become their new best friend. I didn't. We're all good.) Our campus pastor even has a nickname for Wranglers- "u-shaped butt jeans." Take it how you want to.

                  8. DRIVING IN THE RAIN AND AVOIDING ACCIDENTS SIMULTANEOUSLY IS POSSIBLE. Also, driving in the snow and staying out of the ditches is possible. Not always the easiest task, but definitely possible. I don't know if I'll ever understand why people in Virginia slow down to switch lanes or get on the interstate, but they do, apparently. Maybe South Dakota just has fast and furious drivers. 

                  9. I miss South Dakota wheat fields. In fact, this picture is currently my background because I like to look at heads of wheat. Or I just miss flowing fields of grain. I prefer the latter. 

B-T-Dubs, my dad has mad photography skills, right?

                 (**I may have taken inspiration for the title of this from a book (Guys are Waffles, Girls are Spagetti). I also may happen to think that if you look at a satellite map of South Dakota it'll actually look like a waffle. It's the whole straight-road thing**)

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