A Photo Shoot: The (Bigger) Lil' Brother

Hey there! How's all your Tuesdays going? The other day my sister and I took a few photos of one of our little brothers. Although he is younger than me, he is quite a bit taller! I guess God blessed him with height! It has been fun growing up with two younger brothers and an older sister. When we were younger, we didn't always get along - our sarcasm often caused arguments, and our stubbornness furthered the trouble, but I am thankful that God has brought us out of that! I think it's probably normal for siblings to fight once in a while, but to argue in a respectful manner. We all have different opinions on things, but that shouldn't mean we shouldn't take into consideration the other person's opinions. Now that we're older, I am thankful that we can tease each other and have fun while still being considerate of each other. I love my siblings so much! I don't know what I would do without them! Here's some pictures of one of my brothers, Ben. 
 He's a tall one, he is!

He's a farm boy through and through, and he can often be found adding on to his massive popsicle stick seed buildings and shops. He jumps at any chance to work outside, whether it be mowing, working cattle, helping build a calving shelter, or planting a patch of corn. I love this string bean! :)

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