Impeccable Worth?

Like. Favorite. Follow. 
Post. Tweet. Insta.

How do we, as girls/young women, ever hope to survive the unending cycle of checking our apps to make sure we have just one more like on that cute outfit, or one more follow-back on Instagram? I definitely don't think there's a quick, easy way to break our habit of finding our self-worth in what others think of us. But I do know that our worth is so much more secure when we find it in Christ! 

Since starting college, I've noticed even more than usual the smart, not-so-little thing we as humans do called "managing perceptions". Lysa TerKeurst brings this topic up in her book The Best Yes (which I highly recommend), and doing her study this past summer is what really brought it to my attention. Managing perceptions is something that is not just straight-up admitted, but lies under our spoken comments and typed and carefully-worded Instagram captions. I admit, I am guilty of managing perceptions, both on social media and in face-to-face conversations with people. 

And not all "managing of perceptions" is bad-like if we are about to make that highly sarcastic comment or purposely hurt someone else with our words but instead choose to either walk away or not say anything. In Ephesians 4:29, Paul instructs the church in Ephesus to "let no unwholesome talk come out of your mouths, but only what is helpful for building others up according to their needs, that it may benefit those who listen." We also, as Christians, are called to represent Christ in everything we do, thus requiring us to guard our words and deeds. For the purpose of this post, though, I am using the detrimental form of managing perceptions: when it has become such an issue that we are no longer looking for our value in Christ, but in the affirmations and attention of those in our social media "bubble".

Oftentimes, I find myself checking Facebook only to see if my recent post/picture has gotten any more "likes". That's when I know I have a problem. I'm no longer looking to God as my ultimate source of worth-I'm voluntarily putting others' views of me ahead of God's unending love for me. And that's a horribly dangerous thing to do. Anything we place above God in our life, whether it be voluntary or not, is an idol. That's a whole other topic, but just because I don't elaborate on it here doesn't make it any less important. 

God made each of us who we are, perfectly created in His image, for His purpose, and with all of our "quirks". We are created to be who He made us, to share Him with others, to embrace Him with our whole hearts, and while we're at it, to bless others by using our gifts and talents to help. When we are focused completely on Him and His purpose for us, we are so much better equipped to serve and bless others. Managing perceptions should not be necessary when one is whole-heartedly pursuing the Lord, because out of a heart completely committed to Him flows perfect love and peace and impeccable worth. After all, He is the only One Who can make us whole again. 

My challenge to myself, and to anyone else who would like to, is to take a step back from social media or whatever is causing you to find your worth in something other than Christ, and look at it in the big picture of things. Pray and ask God to be your All-in-All and your sense of worth. Search out verses stating God's promises to you, write them out and hang them in places where you will be reminded daily of the worth you have in Christ. Memorize Scriptures that remind you of your worth in Christ. He is the ultimate source of worth, because without Him, we'd have nothing to live for. 

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