God the Provider

Week two of college: Done! Through these past two weeks, and especially in these last few days, God has provided in a very cool way. The whole process of deciding to come to Liberty was such an example of God as Provider, and I am so thankful that He is in charge and has a plan. A few days ago, I interviewed for a job with an office here on campus; the interview went well, and I was feeling good about it. I think I would like this job. Then I got this thought that night: "Will you trust Me if you don't get this job? Will you believe that I have a better plan for you?" I believe that God was using this as an opportunity to trust Him once again that He would provide. I had submitted another application for an Athletic Training assistant position last minute that night, because I felt like it was a good idea to submit it, just in case. I received an email the next day from the Athletic Training department, asking if I would be able to handle both positions, in the case that I received both. I waited to respond, because I wasn't sure which one I would prefer to have. A few hours later, I received another email, letting me know that I didn't get the office position. I thought "Okay, God, You asked me to trust You. I'm trusting that You have a better plan for me." I emailed the AT department back, letting them know that I would be able to work the AT position. So at the end of it all, I learned that sometimes what we think will be the best option for us is not, and God will ask us to trust Him in that. He will ask us to just wait, He will give us that little nudge to apply for that job last-minute, He will work things for His good and glory. I am so thankful He is God, and I am not. I have faith in Him that He will use this job to teach me what it means to continually trust in Him.

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