Hills Alive 2014 & Some Love for Other Countries!

      This past weekend I had the privilege of attending Hills Alive Festival in Rapid City, SD. Talk about an amazing experience! for King and Country, Newsboys, Unspoken, The Afters, Love and the Outcome, Steven Curtis Chapman and many other bands were there! 
      Let me tell you- if you have never been to a Christian music festival before, you are missing out on so much fun and fellowship! Take any chance you get to attend one, because you will not regret it! :)
     Although my favorite performance was definitely for King and Country, all of the bands gave awesome performances!! The Newsboys definitely had an awesome show, part of which consisted of their drummer spinning sideways on a platform while still playing his heart out! Cra-zy!
    So besides all of the great music and getting to meet some of the artists, I also was reunited with a bunch of the kids I went to school with! Over half of my class was there, and so were many other friends! It was so good to see them again! :) Lots of hugs followed, along with some screaming and squealing. Yes, sometimes I wonder if my friends aren't partially insane....but then again, sometimes I wonder that about myself too! :)
     I would like to share some different stuff with all of you also today! First is the organization One Child Matters. This is an organization through which you can sponsor a child in need. You can find them here at One Child Matters.
     Another organization I'd like to mention is MyFight. MyFight provides microloans to women in poverty to help them and their families overcome poverty. They make jewelry, shirts, and other things to then send back to the US and sell. Find MyFight here

     Have a great Thursday, everyone! :) 


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