Chevron Painted Window

I hope everyone had a great Memorial weekend celebrating all the men and women who have served our country! 

This past weekend my sister and some good friends graduated. In the process of thinking up new gift ideas, I remembered I had a few old windows sitting in my garage. After a little cleaning and sprucing up, they turned out pretty well.

Here's the stuff you'll need: 
 -a window
 -acrylic paint
 -a wet rag
 -painter's tape

The first step is to wipe the windows down if they have any dust or dirt on them. Another thing you might want to do is repaint the frames if you want them a certain color or if they are really chipped. I left my frames how they were because I liked the colors and the distressed look. 

Now you can either paint your verse/quote/design on the front side of the window, or you can do that later, when the chevron is done. I painted Philippians 3:14 on before I started the chevron, and I finished the flowers afterwards. 
Next, you'll need to mark out the chevron pattern on the back side of the window with painter's tape. I started at one end with thick tape lines and gradually shrunk the tape lines as they neared the other end. I also started with more space between tape lines and decreased that space as I neared the opposite end.

After you have all the tape sealed well, and the edges taped and smooth, you can paint in the spaces. I chose a dark teal, which I created by mixing a few different color together. Depending on how thick your paint is, you will need more than one coat. I brushed 2-3 coats on, depending on the coverage. 
As you can see in this picture, the spaces are smaller in the front and larger in the back. 

After painting in the chevron, you can either peel the tape off right away or wait until the paint dries. I waited until it dried, just so I wouldn't smudge the paint.
The finished chevron.

With the wet rag, you can now clean up the paint leaks. Be careful though, because if the stripe paint gets too wet, it will rub off also.

You can now add anything else to the front of the window. I added pale pink flowers in addition to my friend's initials in dark gray. 

Check out these Pinterest boards for more inspiration:

Be creative as you decorate your own window! Don't be afraid to branch out and try something new, and be sure to share your results! 

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God's Blessings!

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