Love~Galatians 5:6

    In Galatians 5, Paul talks about what it is to have freedom in Christ. He is talking about what is of value when we are in Christ, when he states, "The only thing that counts is faith expressing itself through love." He goes on to say later that the entire law is summed up in one command: "Love your neighbor as yourself." In 1 Corinthians, Paul writes an entire chapter on love. So many other references are made in the Bible to love.
    If faith through love is the only thing that counts in Christ, and the entire law is summed up in "Love your neighbor as yourself," then good grief it's important! Why is it so seemingly hard sometimes then to do it? We have a choice-choose to love, or choose not to love. Follow Christ's example, or live for our own desires. God didn't say it was easy, but it is possible. 
    I read Galatians 5:6 during devotions shortly after the year began, and it seemed to pop out at me. I had probably read it before, multiple times even, but for some reason, this time I really noticed it. I believe it was God trying to get my attention about some stuff in my life. People have always told me to smile more often. I don't smile much- not because I'm not happy, I just don't look extremely delighted most of the time! :) I also have been struggling with getting along with some of my classmates, and showing them God's love. I think perhaps God was/is telling me that His joy needs to be my strength (Nehemiah 8:10) and that I need His guidance and patience daily in order to show His love to my classmates. I'd very much appreciate your prayers as I learn to love as He wants me to. Please pray also for these classmates, as they do not personally know The Lord, and for some close friends, as they are seeking the Lord's guidance and learning to trust Him even more. Thank you for lifting these requests to Him!

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