Encouragement in Faith

Recently I met someone who has brought great encouragement to me in my faith. It is amazing how God puts people in your life at just the right time when you need it. To be able to have conversations with another person about the Lord and how He has blessed us, about how He is working in our lives, and knowing that I can talk to them about my faith without having the conversation feel forced is a blessing. It is something that I didn't necessarily long for, but I have thought about. Not that I haven't previously had people who encouraged me in my faith, but having someone who is the same age, and has such a deeply rooted faith is something I'm extremely grateful to the Lord for. It is such a hard feeling to explain, but it just makes me so happy! :) It encourages me to be bold in my faith and be willing to stand for what is right! 


God's blessings,

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