Sparkles & Lace Notebook Tutorial

Who doesn't like a little sparkle in their life? How about a touch of lace? The combinations are never-ending, but here's one of my favorites!  

Really you could use anything: lace, ribbon, fabric, sparkles, scrapbook paper and embellishments, etc. The possibilities are endless. If you chose to make one similar to this, then you would need
1/4 yard fabric (you will have some left over, 
so you could use a scrap piece)
coordinating ribbon
a composition notebook
lace (I used a scrap piece I had. It covered the 
front and about 2-3 inches of the back.)
fabric adhesive (I used Gem-Tac, which I bought at 
good old Wally-World. It is actually made for gluing gems and rhinestones, etc, but I am a rebel and used it for fabric also! :) You could use really any fabric adhesive!)
Mod podge 
Gems (Again, I bought these from Walmart. I couldn't find them online, though. Sorry!)

Now, getting started. First you will need to lay out the fabric wrong side up (or right side down, however you prefer :) ) and then open the notebook and lay it on top of the fabric, pages side up. ( seems I forgot a picture of this's a not-so-perfect example of it. Forgive my forgetfulness! :) )

Then cut out around the notebook with approximately 1 1/2 inches extra around the perimeter. Now that you have your fabric cut, fold it in half, wrong sides together, and slide the notebook into it. Decide how you want the cover to look like by moving around the embellishments you're using.
Then, using the fabric adhesive, attach the embellishments to the lace first. I put a paper towel in between the lace and the fabric until the gem's glue was dry. 
Now you can attach the lace to the fabric. Put a thin bead of fabric adhesive all along the outside of where the lace will go. Gently press the lace onto the fabric and let dry. 

Now you can adhere the complete cover onto the notebook. I did one side at a time, so it wouldn't wrinkle. Take your mod podge and go kind of crazy on the front of the notebook. Make sure you have enough to hold the cover down, but not so much where it is a complete mess! Then apply the fabric and smooth it out (from the open edge to the binding) so there are no bubbles. I used a ruler to smooth it out. 

Once the front is smooth, turn the notebook over, and do the same thing to the back cover, only smooth from the binding to the open edge. 

The final step is securing the edges of the cover. This step needs to be done in two parts, so that the notebook pages don't stick together! 
1) At all the corners, cut a square (or u-shape) section out of the fabric (blue sections in the drawing below). In the front cover of the notebook, lay a thin bead of mod podge around the top, bottom, and outer edge. Fold the cover over into the inside of the notebook, making sure they are adhered to each other. 

2) Once the inside of the front cover is dry, do the same thing to the back cover.

Now you're finished! Give one as a gift or keep one for your own journal! 

God Bless!!
Heather :)


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